Symphony for Abandoned Objects 

The orchestra: vacuum cleaner hose, watering can, flower pots, rocks, empty sauerkraut tins, and other lost and abandoned objects. The friction between the “natural” harmonies of objects and our well-tempered  musical culture strikes the spark of original, stimulating music.

The European tea-kettle becomes an African drum, while its whistle transports us to Brazil. The performer flies from one instrument to the next, playing on each. He becomes one with the music, mixing strings, woods, percussions, notes,  rythms, inflections and expression. The flower pots, watering can and vacuum hose are long since forgotten…and at the end  we remember that intially “symphony” meant “harmony”.

After almost twenty years, the ‘Symphony for Abandoned Objects’ has now become a true classic…its extreme simplicity and innovative humour continue to provoke us.

Creation 1988
  • Director: Jean-François De Neck
  • Production: Curieux Tympan asbl