Best Tof (1997)

An anthology of the first ten years of musical adventures created by accomplices from the Tof Théâtre, a puppet theater company: “Le tour du bloc”, “Cabane”, “Radio-Tom”, “Patraque”.
Most recordings were performed with conventional and even electronic instruments, with here and there some tentative forays into the world of un-tamed instruments. Music at once simple and meaningful, playful and visual …
“Music imbued with Proustian nostalgia” (Catherine Degan writing in “Le Soir” about the performance of “Cabanes”.

Producers : Tof Théâtre/Curieux Tympan
Recordings in various studios: Claude Charles, Michel Vanesse, RTBF, and at home
Musical accompaniment by Françoise Derissen (violin), Eliséo Manfron (accordion), Chris Devleeschouwer (saxophone), Eric Drabs (guitar), Karine De Vinck and Bernard L’Hoir (piano)

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